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Virginia Criminal Lawyers

Choosing the Best Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorneys

The lawyers of Crowley Peritz law have been providing skilled representation for criminal and serious traffic cases for over 25 combined years. Handling all types of felony and misdemeanor Virginia crimes is our sole focus. With many lawyers and law firms in Fairfax to choose from, finding the best representation can be daunting, and we encourage potential clients to do their research when it comes to hiring counsel. Finding a level of comfort with your attorney’s legal skill, local knowledge, and accessibility are critical.

Our goal is to provide high level of representation in the courtroom, and top-notch attention to you outside of it. To ensure this, we take a limited number of cases. This makes it possible for each case and each client to receive the attention and preparation necessary for the best chance of success. While many legal teams practice in many different areas of law, we set ourselves apart as one of a small number of Fairfax criminal attorneys practicing criminal and traffic law and nothing else. We know the courts, judges, and the prosecutors, throughout Northern Virginia, and we know how to customize your defense to the unique facts of your case and to your unique situation. We prioritize client relationships, and each client will have direct access to their lawyer through their personal cell phone and email address.

CONTACT US NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION and keep reading to learn more about some of our most common practice areas for adults as well as juveniles.

Types of Offenses We Commonly Handle Include:

Fairfax Attorneys for DUI & DWI: Misdemeanor & Felony

Driving after drinking too much, or drinking in combination with other substances, is once of the most common scenarios we encounter. Whether it’s one drink too many at dinner, an unexpected reaction with prescription medication, or something more serious, police are often there and charges for DWI or DUI are the result. Sometimes charges involve a prior DWI/DUI or a elevated (high) blood alcohol level. We are Fairfax DWI/DUI attorneys who have seen it all and have successfully tried, and in many cases successfully settled, every kind of DUI in every court in Northern Virginia. We are ready to start building your best possible defense today. We know what’s at stake.

In Virginia, DUI/DWI 1st and 2nd offenses are classified as Class 1 misdemeanors. 3rd, 4th, or subsequent offenses are Class 6 felonies. A Class 1 misdemeanor carries a maximum jail sentence of 12 months, and a maximum fine of $2500. Class 6 felonies carry a maximum of prison sentence of 5 years, and a maximum fine $2500. All DUI/DWI convictions result in a license suspension, anywhere from one year to an indefinite suspension, though in many types of cases restricted license are available with the installation of an interlock (breathalyzer) device on your vehicle. Felony DUI/DWI cases will also result in serious additional consequences such as the loss of civil rights (voting and gun rights for example) as well as vehicle forfeiture. Cases where there is an elevated blood alcohol content (BAC), such as .15 or above, or .21 or above, can also result in additional mandatory penalties such as automatic jail time or a less flexible restricted license. Check out our DUI/DWI page for more specifics.

Every DUI case requires as defense which is customized to the facts of that case, the specific charge (1st, 2nd, elevated BAC, etc.), the jurisdiction (Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, etc.), and most importantly to your life situation and goals. While it is common to feel overwhelmed or discouraged at the beginning, our experience has taught us that there is ALWAYS HOPE in these types of cases. Every case has the potential to develop good defenses which can lessen or eliminate the charge. Spotting those defenses (things like illegal stops, illegal arrests, technical problems with field sobriety tests, etc.) and then using them to maximum effect (taking into consideration the individual prosecutor, judge, court, etc.) is what we do. Sometimes that effect is a better plea agreement, sometimes it is a not guilty verdict at trial. A single fact used correctly can completely change the outcome in a case, so every case involves a thorough review of police reports, videos, and discussion of strategy with the client. Ask us about newly available deferred dispositions on certain types of DUI cases.

Our consultations are always free. Contact an Expert DUI Attorney Today.

Criminal Lawyers for Drug Crimes

Drug offenses are common in Fairfax and in Virginia generally. Even though marijuana possession laws have become more favorable in recent years in some ways, most other drug laws remain harsh compared to Maryland and D.C. Many cases that involve nothing more than “simple” possession are charged as felonies, and cases that involve possession of large amounts of drugs or evidence of distribution can result in prison time. By far the most common ways clients find themselves caught up in a drug charge are (1) their car is searched during a traffic stop or (2) there is a transaction involving a confidential informant or undercover police officer. Charges for possession, possession with intent to distribute (PWID), distribution, and/or manufacture are often the result. Some clients are even charged as an accessory to these crimes, or with conspiracy to commit them. Larger amounts of drugs, or charges of transporting drugs from outside Virginia into Virginia, can trigger mandatory sentences that results in automatic years of prison time if there is a conviction. The fact that it’s a first offense can only take your so far, and in some cases doesn’t help at all. A solid defense and an experienced Fairfax drug lawyer can take you much further.

The good news is that there are often defenses to these types of charges, even the most serious ones. Whether it’s distribution of a Schedule I or II, Possession with Intent to Distribute, or even some type of firearm charge (these frequently come with drug charges), there is always hope in your case. We look at your situation from every angle including constitutional issues such as whether there was an illegal stop, and illegal arrest, or an illegally issued warrant. We examine the chemical testing in your case to determine whether there was proper chain of custody, proper techniques used, and whether the substance of the type and amount police claim it is (some times it’s not!). There can also be issues that are particular to undercover officers as well as confidential informants. Being charged and being convicted are two VERY different things. Having the help of a drug crime attorney who services Fairfax, who has the experience, and who understand the issues in your case is crucial.

The attorneys of Crowley Peritz Law have represented countless individuals who have been charged with every kind of drug crime. Whether it’s a single dose of heroin or 25 lbs. of marijuana, whether it’s simple possession of a Schedule IV or distribution of a Schedule I while in possession of a firearm, we know how to defend you. We have the experience to tailor your defense to you and the knowledge of local prosecutors and judges that can provide crucial insight into the right approaches to both plea negotiations as well as trials. With prison time, probation, fines, loss of civil rights, and more on the line, you owe it to yourself to work with Fairfax Criminal Attorneys who are just a phone call away. CALL US NOW. Our consultations are always free.

Free Consultation with an Attorney for Drug Crimes

Domestic Violence Lawyers

What started as an argument at home has landed someone in jail. Now they have a criminal charge, sometimes a serious one, and typically they also have a protective order that says they can’t go home or even talk to their partner or spouse. Sometimes it’s because someone is hurt and other times it’s because someone is trying to gain an advantage in a divorce or custody case. Charges can range from misdemeanor Assault and Battery on a Family Member to much more serious felonies such as Strangulation, Abduction, or Malicious Wounding. Whether your situation is the breaking point in a bad relationship, or your significant other wants you home and didn’t even want you charged, we understand and we can help. We are Domestic Violence Attorneys who serve Fairfax and all of Northern Virginia.

Assault and Battery on a Family or Household Member is a commonly charged misdemeanor. When police are summoned on a “domestic” call, they are directed to determine which person is the “primary aggressor” and charge that individual. Sometimes that happens on thin evidence. Once arrested, an automatic 72-hour temporary protective order goes into effect which in most cases prohibits the charged individual from going home or having ANY contact with the alleged victim, including phone, text, email, social media, or even a third party. Upon the request of the alleged victim, a “permanent protective order” can be sought, which can last up to two years after a full hearing with a judge. Conviction for this offense, or even just being placed on the deferred disposition commonly offered by some prosecutors operates to give the accused a permanent violent record and a loss of firearm rights. Up to a year in jail is also possible (though rare) in these types of cases.

In many cases there are also “add on” charges that are much more serious such as Malicious Wounding (a breaking of the skin of some kind, in other cases a broken bone), Strangulation (applying force to the neck such that breathing or flood flow is impeded), or Abduction (essentially not allowing someone to leave). Other misdemeanors also include Interfering with a 911 call or violating a protective order. Sometimes these extra charges are virtually impossible to prove, and in other cases they create real risk of prison time and a felony record.

The Fairfax Domestic Violence lawyers of Crowley Peritz Law take a comprehensive approach to every case. We thoroughly examine the evidence such an videos, photographs, and police reports, and medical examinations, looking for holes in the government’s case as well as reasons the alleged victim might have to exaggerate or even fabricate the accusations. In some cases, we employ our own expert witnesses. Many cases, perhaps most of them, turn on the credibility of someone who was also angry and, in some cases, intoxicated. They may have a history of violence themselves. All of this is relevant to a strong defense. At the same time, in appropriate cases, we help clients seek healing both individually and with their partners through therapy, mental health treatment, domestic violence classes, and other types of mitigation. In the right case, together with a strong defense, these types of steps can be crucial in a negotiation and in some cases at trial. CALL US NOW for a free consultation.

Contact an Attorney for Domestic Violence Now

Criminal Attorneys for Sex Crimes in Virginia

A sex crime is one of the most serious types of charge an individual can receive. While there are some misdemeanor sex offenses, the vast majority are serious felonies where real prison time, years of probation, and placement on the sex offender registry are possibilities. Some clients first find out about charges when they are arrested as part of a sting operation. Many more are first contacted by a detective who just wants to “talk” or “get their side of the story.” In either case, it is critical that you talk to a lawyer before you even consider talking to police. The job of a detective is to gather evidence and build a criminal case and one of the easiest ways to do that is by getting you to make statement they will use against you later. Even if you have done nothing wrong, do not assist them in making a case against you by making statements to them. This is a CRITICAL time in your case where you need the help of experienced counsel. You may have even received a call from the alleged victim wanting to talk all about their accusations. Be aware that law enforcement is very likely listening in or even sitting in the room with them and do not take that call! The Fairfax Sex Crimes Lawyers of Crowley Peritz law are ready to be by your side at every step of the process, including walking you through the critical early, pre-arrest phase of your case. CALL NOW for a free consultation.

Our lawyers have decades of experience defending all types of sex crimes, including Rape, Sexual Battery, Aggravated Sexual Battery, Indecent Liberties with a Child, Solicitation of a Minor (computer solicitation, etc.), Child Pornography, and many more. These are complex cases with high stakes that demand a tailored plan and the local experience and know-how to give you the best chance of success. Every case involves an in-depth review of discovery including videos, statements, police reports, police interviews, forensic interviews, and medical reports and examinations. In many cases it is necessarily for us to hire our own expert to counter the government’s case. All of this prepares us for negotiation with prosecutors and in many cases trial.

While we build your best defense, it is equally important that you remain in the loop, stay informed of developments in your case, and have easy access to you lawyer. We pride ourselves on not just being good lawyers in the courtroom, but also being your counsel outside of it. We are compassionate and understanding of your difficult situation and always have time to talk through your case, your questions, and your concerns. We are Sex Crimes Attorneys servicing Fairfax and all of Northern Virginia. CALL NOW for a free consultation and start learning about the difference we can make for you.

Contact a Virginia Sex Crimes Attorney Now

Larceny, Credit Card Theft/Fraud, Embezzlement and other Property Crimes in Virginia: Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses

Larceny is the taking of the property of another, without their consent, and with the intention of keeping it is Larceny. If the value of the items is less than $1,000.00 it is considered petit larceny, a misdemeanor. More than $1,000.00 is grand larceny, a felony. Misdemeanor larceny carry up to 12 months in jail, while felony larceny can carry up to 20 years in prison. In most cases the defendant is also banned from the location whether the larceny took place.

Many other crimes such as embezzlement, concealment (shoplifting), altering a price tag, or removing a price tag are other types of larceny. These are all considered “property crimes.” While it is true that larceny rarely results in jail time or a large fine, having this kind of charge on your criminal record is permanent and can be devastating. It can interfere with your ability to get or keep employment, remain in the United States or apply for citizenship or even just keep your current Visa, get or retain a Security Clearance, as well as get or retain a professional license. In Virginia there is no current method for expunging this type of conviction.

The good news is that Fairfax Lawyers experienced with Larceny can navigate you through, in many cases protect your record from a Larceny conviction, and then expunge the Larceny from your record afterwards. This is accomplished by thoroughly reviewing police reports, body camera, in store video, statements of Loss Protection Officers, and more. There are several defenses that apply to these cases and as always, the prosecution can’t always meet its burden of proof. Even where the prosecution has a seemingly airtight case, there are more options than there have ever been for the charge to be dismissed (and later expunged) after successful probation, and in some other cases there can be dismissal without probation where the Defendant completes other tasks (such as a class and/or community service) before court. Even in more serious cases, there is sometimes the option of a reduced, non-larceny charge when the case is handled properly. To find out what your options are and what defenses apply to you, CALL NOW for a free consultation. We are Larceny Attorneys based in Fairfax serving Northern Virginia.

Another common category of property crimes involves the misuse of credit cards. The most common charges are Credit Card Fraud, Credit Card Theft, Identity Theft, as well as Forgery and Uttering. These are all felonies regardless of amount and can have serious consequences. Stealing another person’s credit card or credit card number (credit card theft), using that card or number with out consent (credit card fraud), and at the same time representing that you are the person named on the card (identity theft) can all happen in the same case or even in the same transaction. Sometimes multiple cards or even gift cards may be involved. Forgery happens when an individual signs a name that his not his, and uttering is a separate crime that involves passing that forged document to someone else as though it is authentic. Police give special attention to these types of situations and have detectives dedicated to investigating and making arrests in these types of cases. In most cases the arresting officer is a detective rather than a patrol officer. You will need an experienced Credit Card Fraud Lawyer on your side to even the odds and give you the best chance for success. We have extensive experience with these types of cases including how to investigate them, the police techniques involves, the strategies of the prosecutors, and how they are treated by judges. CALL NOW to start building your best defense.

The most serious property crimes and Burglary, Breaking and Entering, and Robbery. This is because they involve not just property, but also either a threat, violence, or in the invasion of home or business. These are charges that can carry years of prison time. Please visit our Burglary/Breaking and Entering Page and our Robbery Page for more in depth in formation.

Whether you are facing a first offense petit larceny, or have ten counts of credit card theft and fraud, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows not just the law, but has experience with the prosecutors and judges as well. Every larceny case has the potential of a lifetime of consequences and must be handled seriously from the beginning. Consult with our highly rated larceny lawyers today to learn about the court’s process, what to expect in court, and our plan for your best defense.


Criminal Lawyers for Probation Violations

If you have been convicted of a certain misdemeanor or felony offense in Fairfax or anywhere in Virginia, you may have been sentenced to a probationary term, such as required appointments with your probation officer, regular drug screenings and classes. If you violate those terms, the Virginia court where you were sentenced will likely charge you with a probation violation. Our criminal attorneys often represent individuals who were previously convicted of DUI or a drug offense and have violated their probationary terms.

Some of the most common probation violations our attorneys handle include missing a VASAP class, ignition interlock violations, not reporting on time to an appointment with a probation officer, failing drug tests, failing to appear at a court hearing or pay court fines, and being re-arrested for new crimes. Probation violations in Virginia must be taken seriously. Many judges have a zero-tolerance policy and will quickly sentence you to jail time for a first offense violation. As DUI/DWI Lawyers Serving Fairfax and the surrounding Counties, we are highly experienced in the issues which can come out of a VASAP violation.

If you have been charged with a probation violation, it is important to note that hiring an experienced attorney is the best position to put yourself in. For a judge to convict you of the violation, a prosecutor must prove that you intentionally violated your probationary terms. It is your attorney’s duty to create a reasonable doubt that you acted intentionally. If you failed to pay court fines, your attorney may be able to negotiate new payment terms. If you failed a drug screening, your lawyer may argue for a substance abuse program or counseling. Regardless of the type of violation or the reason behind it, you need an attorney by your side who will fight to keep you out of jail and a violation conviction off your record.

Contact an Attorney for Your Probation Violation

Attorneys for Reckless Driving & Traffic Misdemeanors

Reckless Driving in Virginia is a Class 1 Misdemeanor, which carries a jail sentence of up to 12 months and maximum fine of $2500. Reckless driving comes in many forms, but the most common are by speed and “generally.” If you are pulled over for driving 20 MPH over the speed limit or 85 MPH, the officer may choose to charge you with reckless driving. It is always in your best interest to hire an attorney to represent you on a reckless driving charge.

Other common traffic misdemeanors our attorneys handle include: Driving on a Suspended License, Driving on a Revoked License, Driving without Being Licensed, and Hit & Run (may be a felony). The penalties associated with these traffic crimes depend on offense number, but the majority fall into the Class 1 Misdemeanor category. Although some of these offenses appear to be minor, they may have lasting implications on your life and driving record. You may receive demerit points on your license, jail time, heavy fines or a loss of license. No matter the type of traffic misdemeanor, the attorneys of Crowley Peritz Law are prepared to fight for you and do everything we can to keep your license instated, points off your record and conviction-free.

Our traffic attorneys often witness these individuals represent themselves before a judge, and it almost never goes as they had planned. For first time offenders in Virginia, it is easy to assume you will not need a traffic lawyer to represent you in court. Unfortunately, a misdemeanor traffic conviction may result in serious consequences for your driving record, insurance and employment opportunities. Many reckless driving defendants make the mistake of thinking they do not need legal representation, and they end up with a misdemeanor conviction on their record. If you have a pending reckless driving ticket, contact us today.

Contact a Traffic Attorney Now

Why Choose the Criminal Attorneys of Crowley Peritz Law?

Being accused of a crime turns your world upside down. There could be a job, a security clearance, a professional license, a driver’s license, an immigration status or personal or professional reputation at stake. In some cases, the possibility of spending time in jail or prison is real, and you need a legal powerhouse on your side. Serving all of Northern Virginia, our Fairfax criminal lawyers treat each case as a unique legal challenge that requires a tailored defense. The criminal attorneys of Crowley Peritz Law are ready to review your case free of charge, discuss your possible defenses, and protect you inside and outside of the courtroom.

We will tailor your best defense and bring you immediate peace of mind by taking the fear and mystery out of the process. Whether you have been charged with a class 1 misdemeanor or multiple felonies, we understand you want top-notch legal representation to guide you through the judicial system. Our criminal lawyers believe preparing you for what to expect at every phase, and that giving you easy access to your attorney is every bit as important as representing you in court. An informed, updated client is an invaluable asset in defending a criminal case. Whether you need a Fairfax DUI lawyer, or customized criminal defense of any kind throughout Northern Virginia, we are there for you.

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Crowley Peritz Law: Locations Served

While the office of Crowley Peritz Law is in Fairfax, Virginia, our attorneys handle criminal and traffic cases throughout Northern Virginia. We place an emphasis on Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William. Our Virginia criminal lawyers represent both adults and juveniles in the following jurisdictions:

  • Alexandria
  • Arlington
  • Fairfax
  • Frederick
  • Loudoun
  • Prince William
  • Stafford
  • U.S. District Court (Eastern District of Virginia)
  • Winchester

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My interaction with Crowley Peritz Law was as frictionless as possible. Seth Peritz is a fast communicator and gets the job done right. If you are looking for the best defense possible, I would recommend giving them a call!

George Espinoza

After consulting several law firms I chose the one I felt most comfortable with and was very pleased with the results. Mr. Crowley was excellent in listening to my needs and achieving the results. I would certainly recommend him to anyone.

Josh Perkins

I was very pleased with my experience at this law firm and with hiring Matthew Crowley. I appreciated his professionalism and quickness in responses via email or text or phone call. He was extremely sympathetic, comforting, and reassuring throughout the whole process. He is definitely an experienced...

Kimberly Kheang

Mr. Crowley is a very experienced attorney. He is also very thorough with his work and is excellent. I highly recommend his legal counsel.


I don't even know where to start. Mr. Crowley is by far the most professional lawyer I've worked with. He kept in touch with me every step of the way and thanks to his due diligence and perseverance he was able to get all my charges dropped! I am beyond happy and satisfied with his services and I...


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